Eurasian Watermilfoil (Milfoil)

2018 Milfoil Herbicide Treatment: June 21st and 22nd

NLFCZD has scheduled a 24-acre herbicide treatment to control Eurasian milfoil within Newman Lake, at the far southern shoreline. Please refrain from boating and swimming in the lake from June 21st through June 22nd.  The Fish and Wildlife Public Launch will be closed for those two days.
There is a 24 hour swimming and boating restriction.  Residents located within ¼ mile of the treatment area, and who pull water from the lake for household and irrigation use,  will need to follow drinking and irrigation water restrictions for up to ten days.  The Newman Lake Flood Control District will have lake water samples tested at ten days after the treatment, to ensure water restrictions can then be lifted.

 You will be notified by email when water use restrictions have been lifted.

 Please contact me if you have questions or require further information.

 Thank you,

 Karen Kruger
Spokane County Public Works
(509) 477-7262

Letter to residents (pdf)


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