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2022 Budget

The Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District (NLFCZD) Draft 2022 Budget has been posted for community review (click here to view) . The draft budget for 2022 incorporates all functions to continue essential operation of the District, including a local funding match for completion of the Capital Grant projects, support for the Board of Appraisers work, and Milfoil treatment. It also includes additional tasks to support immediate and long term lake water quality improvements. To support this work, after 3 years of no increases, the overall District assessment will increase approximately 26%. The NLFCZD Advisory Board has recommended approval of this budget. See the attached spreadsheet for details. 

The 2022 Newman Lake Budget public hearing will be held Tuesday, October 12th , 2021 at 2:00 pm before the Spokane County Commissioners to take your comments per the attached notice (click here to view).  It will be a virtual hearing so to attend you will need to use the zoom link included. Written comments can be provided to the Commissioners per the attached notice.

Upon approval of the 2022 NLFCZD Budget, we will prepare the draft 2022 NLFCZD Assessment Roll that lists the charges for each parcel based on benefit area and assessors’ evaluation. In the early part of December you will have an opportunity to comment on the individual assessments at the NLFCZD Board of Equalization Hearing.

If you have questions or comments for County staff regarding the 2022 NLFCZD budget, please submit them via email to mbarrentine@spokanecounty.org by the end of day, Monday, October 11, 2021 

District staff held a virtual public outreach meeting/presentation on the Findings and Recommendations of the Jacobs Engineering Phase 1a Report, regarding the State Capital Budget Award. The meeting was held on Wednesday, March 17th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. See below for the direct link to view this presentation and recording.


To view the final draft of the Jacobs Phase 1a Report regarding the State Capital Budget Award, see link below.

(Click to View Report)

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