District Court Probation

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Shannon Koutecky
Probation Manager
509-477-2613 Skoutecky@spokanecounty.org
Probation Office Reception
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The Spokane County District Court Probation department operates under the direction of Spokane County District Court to provide court-ordered supervision, programming, and Alive @ 25 defensive driving classes for 15-24 year olds. 
Additionally, Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving is recommended for drivers age 25 and older with multiple traffic violations and those with poor driving behaviors who need a catalyst for positive change. The course is designed for court referrals and drivers who exhibit continuing patterns of risky and overly aggressive driving behaviors.
In partnership with government, law enforcement, and local community agencies, the District Court Probation department promotes community safety through the use of evidence-based practices and appropriate interventions while working with offenders to encourage changes in social behavior and to reduce recidivism.

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Public Safety Building
1100 W Mallon Ave.
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