Market Street (Houston Ave to Lincoln Rd)

Project No:  CRP 3184
Project Design Engineer:  Tim Schwab, P.E.
Project Manager:  Jake Saxon, E.I.T.
Project Vicinity Map:  view/print
Project Timeline:  May 2017 - August 2017
Project Description: Spokane County Division of Engineering and Roads received a Transportation Improvement Board Urban Arterial grant for Market Street.  The $2,200,000 project will reconstruct Market Street from Houston Avenue to Lincoln Road.  The pavement surface will be restored along with various segments of existing sidewalk on the west side of Market Street.

A new 5.5 foot wide sidewalk will be added to the east side of the roadway.  Curb ramps will be rebuilt to meet ADA standards and a 5 foot wide bicycle lane will be added to each side of the roadway.  The roadway will be revised from the existing four lane to a three lane section.

Market Street Stormwater Retrofit
Project Engineer:  Jake Saxon, E.I.T.
Project Information:  Stormwater Utility
Project Vicinity Map:  view/print
Project Timeline:  May 2017 - August 2017
Public Involvement
Open House Meeting - November 12, 2015  view/print

In The News
January 2015 Roads Department Receives Grant for Market Street Improvements