Glenrose Rd & Carnahan Rd Intersection

Project No:  CRP 3197
Project Design Engineer:  Tim Schwab, P.E.
Project Timeline:  2017

Project Description:  The Glenrose Rd and Carnahan Rd Intersection Safety Improvements Project was presented to the public during a public open house meeting on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at Chase Middle School.   Displays at the public hearing are listed below.

October  2015 - Public Open House Notice view/print
  • Glenrose and Carnahan Budget and Option Estimated Costs
  • Option 1 - Glenrose and Carnahan Tee Intersection
  • Option 2 - Glenrose and Carnahan Leg Intersection 
  • Option 3 - Glenrose and Carnahan Leg Roundabout
  • Carnahan Rd Speed Study
  • Glenrose Rd Speed Study
  • Glenrose and Carnahan Collision Locations