Juvenile Court

Presiding Judge Rachelle Anderson


Juvenile Courtroom 3, Juvenile Court Judge

Superior Court Commissioners

Juvenile Court Responsibilities

  • ARY/CHINS matters
  • Dependency Cases
  • Juvenile Offender matters
  • Truancy matters

Juvenile Court Coordinator

The Juvenile Court Coordinator coordinates all Court Calendars, Schedules and Case Management issues for the Juvenile Court Judge and the Court Commissioners while serving in Juvenile Court.

Becca Facilitator

The Becca Facilitator assists families and children who wish to file At Risk Youth or Child in Need of Services Petitions with the initial case process and with any initial resources while awaiting the Court’s intervention and hearing. Further, this position partners with the Becca team throughout the duration of each case in Juvenile Court.

Unified Family Court Facilitator Program

Families involved in a dependency matter and are in need of a parenting plan, or assistance with nonparental custody, can obtain assistance from the Unified Family Court Facilitator. This service is for families who have had their children removed from their care by Child Protective Services, were reunified through the course of the Dependency, and need a parenting plan before their case can be dismissed. Permission in the Dependency must first be granted by the Court Commissioner through an order for Leave to Proceed. Referrals should be made through the family's social worker.

Family and Juvenile Court Improvement Project (FJCIP)

The FJCIP program was implemented in 2007 and is focused on making improvements to the dependency court system. Some of the successful projects include the creation of the Unified Family Court Facilitator Program and the Parents for Parents Program. More information about the local improvement plan is available here:

Local Improvement Plan