Canines For Clean Water

A Stormwater Poo-lution Prevention Program for Dogs & Dog Owners Who Care about Clean Water

Spokane County residents, take the Canines for Clean Water pledge and help all of us protect our environment!

Scoop the poop!

Some Tips to Remember

  • Scoop up after your pet and dispose of the waste properly - in a trash can or toilet. Don't bury it or compost it.
  • Keep your pet on a leash and on trails in natural areas.
  • Remain within off leash areas when off leash.
  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same!
Dog Poo

Did You Know

Pet waste is full of bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can make wildlife and people sick! One average-size dog dropping contains 3 billion coliform bacteria. Multiply that by the fact that 40% of households have a dog, and you can see how the poo-llution really "piles" up!

How You Can Help Prevent Poo-llution

Let's talk about poop. No, really, let's talk about poop! Does your family own a dog? You probably even know lots of people with dogs. Now what do you think happens to all of the dog waste our pets leave behind?

When pet waste is left on the ground, especially near streets and sidewalks, rain, snowmelt, and your sprinklers wash it into storm drains and drainage ditches! This water, called runoff, generally does not get piped to the local wastewater plant to get cleaned or treated. So where does the runoff go, you ask?

Most often, it collects in underground wells to seep down to the aquifer. Otherwise, it flows directly to our streams, rivers, and lakes. Who wants to drink, or swim and fish in that?! Yuck!

Don't worry, though, nobody has to give up their pooch. Pet owners can improve water quality simply by picking up after their pets and throwing the waste away in the trash!

About Our Mascot

We are sad to report that Hans, the Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner Sennenhund or "Berner"), mascot for the Canines for Clean Water program, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 16, 2016, as a result of cancer.   Hans was the sweetest, gentlest giant you could ever hope to meet!  Everyone loved it when he tagged along with his master during visits to the courthouse campus!  A big charmer, Hans impressed everyone with his big grin and warm heart. He was a total love sponge!  We extend heart-felt condolences to his humans Dwight and Kathleen Hume!