Public Record Requests

 Chapter 42.56 RCW, the Public Records Act, requires each agency to make available for inspection and copying nonexempt “public records” in accordance with published rules.  

Spokane County has adopted rules for the inspection and copying of public records as well as copying fees.
These rules govern the inspection and copying of Spokane County elected officials and departments public records. These rules do not govern inspection and copying of Spokane County Superior Court and Spokane County District Court document.  Access to both Courts’ records are governed by court rules. 
Many public records are currently available on the County’s website at no cost.  The list includes frequently requested County public records, as well as a listing of other frequently requested documents that may be available from other agencies.
 Public Records Officer and Request Forms
Any person wishing to request access to public records of Spokane County, any agency of Spokane County shall address their request to the public records officer.
                          Tony Dinaro, Public Records Officer
                          1116 W. Broadway Avenue
                          Spokane, WA   99260
                          Phone:  509-477-1721
                          Fax:  509-477-2597
                          Email:  [email protected] 

Spokane County needs your request in writing.  Complete the ‘Request to Inspect or Copy Public Records Form’ by providing the following information to facilitate a response: 

  • Requester’s name, address, and contact information;
  • Description of the SPECIFIC record(s) you are requesting, including dates; and
  • Sign and date the request.


 Within five (5) business days of the receipt of the request, the public records officer will do one or more of the following:

  • Make the records available for inspection or copying;
  • Give the requester a link to a document on the county's web page;
  • Provide in writing a reasonable estimate of time when records will be available;
  • Request clarification, by telephone or in writing, if the request is unclear or does not sufficiently identify the requested records; and/or
  • Deny the request, in whole or in part.

If the requester has not received a response from the agency within five (5) business days from the date of the filing of a public records request, the requester is encouraged to contact the public records officer immediately to ensure that the request was received by the agency. 
Public records are generally available to be scheduled for inspection and copying during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding legal holidays.  There is no fee for inspecting public records.
A requester may obtain standard black and while copies for $.37 per page or the actual costs of copying set forth in a computation publicly available through the public records officer.  The public records officer or designee may require a deposit of ten percent of the estimated costs of copying all records selected by the requester.
The requester must claim or review the assembled records within 30 days of notification that the public records are available for inspection or copying.  If the requester fails to respond claim or review the records within the 30-day period or make other arrangements the public records officer may close the request.
Additionally, if the requester does not respond within 30 days to a request for clarification, the public records officer may close the request. 


The County's e-mail system limits the total size of a message to 20 megabytes and the total number of attachments per message to 25.  E-mail correspondence between the requester and the County is subject to the County's e-mail system limitations as well as the limitations of the requestor's e-mail system.  The County's e-mail system limitations and capacity may change without notice.

The County does not warrant or in any way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of electronic records.