Tax District Data & Levies History

Tax District Overview
  • Spokane County has 56 taxing districts that create 114 tax code areas defined by their overlapping boundaries.
  • A levy must be uniform throughout a district, even when the district extends into a neighboring county.
  • The County, Conservation Futures and the State School levy are uniformly assessed at the same rate in each of the 124 tax code areas.
  • Two properties, identical in assessment, may pay very different taxes as levied by the taxing districts they support.
  • Spokane County has 13 city/town, 11 fire, 6 cemetery, 19 school, plus library, park, and transportation districts that each have their own boundaries. These districts are governed by locally elected boards who set their budgets through public hearings.
  • In 2003 the first TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District in the State of Washington was created and has subsequently been paid off. Several similar areas have been created since that time.
  • Development of the University District in the City of Spokane represents the first Local Revitalization Financing area in the county (TCA 14).