Current Vacancies

District No. 1

District No. 2

District No. 3 (Formerly Dist. 1)

District No. 4 (Formerly Dist. 2)

District No. 5 (Formerly Dist. 3)


Boards & Commissions Vacancies - Accepting Until Filled

  • Behavioral Health Advisory Board
    • 1 vacancy for Adams County
    • 1 vacancy Ferry County 
    • 1 vacancy Lincoln County
    • 1 vacancy Pend Oreille County (open until filled) 
    • 1 vacancy Spokane County (open until filled) 
  • Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board - 2 vacancies
  • Health Sciences & Services Authority of Spokane County (HSSA) - 1 vacancy

  • Horticulture Pest and Disease Board - 1 vacancy

  • Housing & Community Development Advisory Committee (HCAD)  
    • 1 vacancy - City of Airway Heights
    • 1 vacancy - City of Cheney
    • 1 vacancy - Town of Millwood
    • 1 vacancy - Town of Rockford
    • 1 vacancy - Town of Waverly
    • 1 vacancy - At-Large (South)  
  • Spokane County Noxious Weed Control Board - 1 vacancy District No. 3 (Fairfield/Spangle Area) 

  • Veterans' Advisory Board  
    • 5 vacancies, one for each County Commissioner District 
    • 2 at-large vacancies  
  • Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council (SRLJC)
    • The Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council (SRLJC) will be taking applications to fill three of the three at-large volunteer “Community Representative” positions. The applicant should possess broad knowledge of and/or experience in the regional criminal justice system, have the capacity to actively participate in the SRLJC and one or more of its Committees, and be a Spokane County resident.
    • Applicants from communities impacted by the criminal justice system are particularly encouraged to apply. These have traditionally included individuals involved with communities of color, victims, the previously incarcerated, the health care industry, including mental health, and those with health issues such as mental illness, addictions, and disabilities. Applicants with broad life experience are encouraged to apply.  Individuals with prior criminal history are encouraged to apply, however the applicant can have no pending criminal cases in any jurisdiction. All cases must be closed, and the individual can no longer be on probation to be eligible for this position.
    • Interested applicants who currently work in the criminal justice or social service system may work for entities or services that are already represented on the SRLJC.
    • Those interested in applying should complete the on-line application.
  •  Spokane County Water Conservancy Board
    • 1 Vacancy available. (Applications closed)