Requirements to Register an Adoption

  1. Application for Adoption registration. The Department of Health is phasing out the carbon copied application and the County Clerk no longer provides the registration in hard copy form. The form is available from the Department of Health: Application for Adoption Registration (PDF).
  2. CHS Mail in Application. This form is used to order a new birth certificate. The application must be completed with the adoptee's name and the adoptive parents' names. The form is available from the Department of Health: CHS Mail-in Request Form (PDF).
  3. Adoption Data Card (PDF) - sent to state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) for reporting under federal requirements. This form is also available from the County Clerk in hard copy. No fee is required to process at the DSHS.
  4. The fee of $15 to create a Sealed Adoption File.
  5. The fee of $25 for each certified copy of the Amended Birth Certificate.
For more information - please visit the Washington State Department of Health website.

RCW 26.33.280 - Decree of Adoption Transmittal to State Registrar of Vital Statistics

After a decree of adoption is entered, as soon as the time for appeal has expired, or if an appeal is taken, and the adoption is affirmed on appeal, the Clerk of the Court shall transmit to the State Registrar of Vital Statistics a certified copy of the decree, along with any additional information and fees required by the Registrar.

RCW 70.58.210 - Birth Certificate Upon Adoption

Whenever a decree of adoption has been entered declaring a child, born in the State of Washington, adopted in any court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Washington or any other state or any territory of the United States, a certified copy of the decree of adoption shall be recorded with the proper department of registration of births in the State of Washington and a certificate of birth shall issue upon request, bearing the new name of the child as shown in the decree of adoption, the names of the adoptive parents of the child and the age, sex, and date of birth of the child, but no reference in any birth certificate shall have reference to the adoption of the child. However, original registration of births shall remain a part of the record of the Board of Health.

RCW 26.33.300 - Adoption Statistical Data

The Department of Health shall be a depository for statistical data concerning adoption. It shall furnish to the Clerk of each county a data card which shall be completed and filed with the Clerk on behalf of each petitioner. The Clerk shall forward the completed cards to the Department of Health which shall compile the data and publish reports summarizing the data. A birth certificate shall not be issued showing the petitioner as the parent of any child adopted in the state of Washington until a data card has been completed and filed.