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Adoptions are filed in the Superior Court of the county in the State of Washington, in which the adoptive parents lived when the adoption occurred. In some cases, a relinquishment of parental rights may have been filed in a different county than the adoption. In this instance, you would have to contact the Clerk of the Court in that county, since each Clerk is only authorized to search records within their own county.

Adoption Records from Other States

For a record of an adoption that occurred in a state other than Washington, write or telephone the appropriate state. You can find a current list for other sates at:
Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics
P.O. Box 9709
Olympia, WA 98507-9709
Phone: 360-236-4300

View adoption fees by state (PDF).

Adoption Records from Other Countries

To secure documents for children born in a foreign country to U.S. citizens, write to:
Passport Services, Correspondence Branch
1111-19th Street NW
Suite 510
Washington D.C. 20522
Phone: 202-955-0307
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