Recycle Right, Spokane County!

Reducing waste by recycling is one of Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System's main objectives. There are many options for recycling in our area, and recycling can reduce your costs. For a list of specific materials that the Spokane County transfer stations and WTE Facility can accept, go here.

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Single Stream Recycling (clean, empty, dry)

RR Aluminum Cans Q


Aluminum cans

RR Cardboard Q


Corrugated and non-corrugated cardboard

RR Pizza Boxes Q


Clean pizza boxes

RR Office Paper Q


Mixed paper (not shredded)

RR Paper Q


Most types of paper (no coated or laminated)

RR Steel Cans Q


Other metal and tin cans (no lids or tips)



Plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs (empty, no lids)
RR Glass Q Green-Check-Mark
Glass - check with your local trash/recycling hauler to see if they accept glass in the recycling bin, or take it to one of the Spokane County transfer stations.

Non-recyclable materials

nobags cross-out
Plastic bags and film
Plastic Caps cross-out
Any plastic that is not a bottle, tub, or jug
Styrofoam Cups cross-out
Shredded Paper cross-out
Shredded paper
Trash Picture cross-out
EWaste cross-out
TV's and electronics (E-Cycle WA)
RR CFL Q cross-out
Light bulbs (Light Recycle WA)
RR HH Batteries Q cross-out
Household hazardous waste (batteries, syringes, aerosol cans, chemicals, etc.)
Hoses cross-out
Garden hoses, Christmas lights, or wires
Greasy_Pizza_Box cross-out
Food-soiled pizza boxes and paper (Yard Waste)

Light Recycling

Recycling of mercury-containing lights is now free in Washington state at authorized collection sites (including SCRSWS transfer stations), thanks to the Washington Mercury-Containing Lights Stewardship Program and LightRecycle Washington.


Do you have something that you want to get rid of but don't know where to take it? Find the place that will take it! For more information, call the Spokane County Regional Recycling Information Line at 509-477-6800. 

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Recycle Right Spokane County!

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