Master Composter Program

Master Composters/Recyclers Graduates - Class of 2019

MC_R Class of 2019
Become a Master Composter in 2020! The six-week course starts in September 2020.  
For more information on the Master Composter class, see the Master Composter training document. To register for the 2020 Master Composter class, fill out the Registration Form and email it to Kris Major. For additional information, and to learn about signing up for the next class, email Kris Major or call  509-625-6521. Volunteer Master Composters and Recyclers play an active role in Spokane County’s Regional Solid Waste System by teaching citizens how to reduce waste through recycling and home composting. Becoming a Master Composter is easy as 1-2-3:
Master Composter Diagram
  1. New volunteers attend Master Composter/Recycler spring training sessions and receive a free compost bin, reference books, and instructional materials.
  2. Master Composters and Recyclers are asked to contribute 40 hours of volunteer service, after their training, to help inform and encourage others.
  3. Master Composter and Recycler graduates now have opportunities to share their enthusiasm at community gatherings, compost fairs, schools, clubs, etc. by interacting with the public, giving presentations, or working behind the scenes.
This successful Master Composter and Recycler Program has been in effect since 1988. Every year the list of volunteers completing the program continues to grow and community outreach increases. For more information and to learn about signing up for the next class, email or call Kris Major at 509-625-6521.
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