Materials Accepted at Regional Disposal Sites

There are several disposal options at the Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System's three regional disposal sites.

Items that can be dropped off at Transfer Stations or the Waste to Energy Facility include trash, recyclables, household hazardous waste, and yard/food waste.  Below you will find a list of items frequently asked about.


To learn more about E-Cycle Washington watch this video or call 1-800-RECYCLE.


  • Any mixed recyclables as allowed in Blue bins
  • Scrap metal- must be easily unloaded by resident
  • Push and riding lawn mowers (fluids removed)
  • Snow blowers (fluids removed)
  • Metal boats less than 16' or cut in half
  • BBQs with plastic parts removed
  • Paperback books
  • Hardback books with covers removed
  • Any plastics labeled 1 through 7 except plastic bags, wraps, and films

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste are any products that may be labeled "danger", "warning", or "caution".  
Maximum container size of 5 gallons accepted.  Use original container with label when possible.
  • Automotive products (oil, antifreeze, gasoline, etc)
  • Batteries
  • CFL and fluorescent light bulbs
  • Cleaning products
  • Herbicides, pesticides
  •  Needles/syringes/sharps
  • Acrylic, oil or lead based paints
  • Propane tanks (5lbs or smaller)
  • Solvents
  • Thermostats or thermometers that contain mercury
  • Small arms ammunition (no explosives)
Recent updates to the HHW program at the Spokane County transfer stations: 

  • No commercial material 
  • No unidentified material
  • No compromised or leaking containers
  • Personnel will no longer be pouring flammable material, which means you will not receive your container back
  • There will be a total limit of 5 gallons combined HHW material per day

Food & Yard Debris (Organic)

  • Bark, weeds, twigs, pine needles, pine cones
  • Food and food-soiled paper, pizza boxes
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Limbs not more than 6 feet long and 3 inches in diameter
  • Sod not more than 3 inches thick (shake off all rocks and extra soil)
  • NO animal feces, rocks, dirt, or garbage


  • Household garbage
  • Residential appliances (will be charged as trash)
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Tree trunks (split if needed, must be easy to load/unload)
  • Latex paint (must be dried out before going to Waste to Energy, can mix with paper, litter or coffee grounds to solidify)
  • Prescription Drugs & Over-The-Counter Medications
  • Mattresses
  • Canopies
  • Camper shells with appliances removed
  • Tires (tires greater than 36" diameter must be cut in two foot pieces, 6 tires per visit)
  • Animal carcasses - under 35 lbs. can be taken to the North or Valley Transfer Stations, the Waste To Energy Facility accepts carcasses under 35 lbs. anytime and those over 35 lbs. by appointment only - call (509) 625-6580.
  • Drums/Barrels (ends removed, drums flattened)
If you have yard waste and garbage in the same load and want to be charged the two different rates, you must go through the line twice. 


Residential appliances are accepted and recycled, but require a regular waste charge (same as garbage) because of special handling. Refrigerators with ammonia are not accepted at the Transfer Stations, however, they are accepted at the Waste to Energy Facility at the regular garbage rate. Commercial sized refrigerators or freezers are not accepted.

Secure Your Load

Loads being delivered to disposal sites must be covered with a tarp or secured with a rope or other means to prevent spillage.


Do you have something you want to get rid of but don't see it here? Find the place that will take it! For more information, call the Spokane County Regional Recycling Line at 509-477-6800.