Budget & Finance

The Budget and Finance department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the annual County Budget. Our mission is to provide timely and accurate financial information to the Board of County Commissioners, Elected Officials, Department Heads and the public.

This department accounts for activities of the Budget Office, and administrative costs and revenues not associated with a particular general fund department. It is responsible for all aspects of the budget within the County. Position Maintenance (Position Control) is also the responsibility of this department. Sales tax auditing is provided, working to ensure the maximum possible sales tax revenue is received by the County. 

2024 Budget Preparation

September 5th - Preliminary Budget Tabulation

October 3rd - 2024 Budget Roundtable #1 - General Fund Estimated Revenues

October 24th - 2024 Budget Roundtable #2 - General Fund Estimated Expenditures

November 7th - 2024 Budget Roundtable #3 - All Funds Estimated Expenditures

2023 Budget Documents

2023 Budget Adoption Hearing

2023 Adopted Budget 

2023 Property Tax Levy Options

November 29th - 2023 Budget Roundtable #3 - All Funds Expenditure Estimates

November 8th - 2023 Budget Roundtable #2 - General Fund Expenditure Estimates

Public Works 2023 Road Projects

October 11th - 2023 Budget Roundtable #1 - Estimated Revenues

September 6th - Preliminary Budget Tabulation

Video recordings of all presentations can be accessed at Spokane County's YouTube page.