Presenting Documents NEEDS LINK

How do I present my documents to the court?
You must present your documents to the court in person. You cannot have a family member or friend appear for you - only an attorney may represent another person in court. Each case type has specific noting documents to schedule a hearing. If a case has been assigned to a judge, you will need to contact the judicial assistant for that court as to court availability. If you do not know how to set a hearing in a family law case, you should contact the Family Court Facilitator.

LCR 54 (e)(2) Out-of-County Counsel: Counsel outside of Spokane County may present routine ex parte or stipulated matters based on the record in the file by mail addressed to the county clerk. The presentation fee must accompany the original pleadings. Self-addressed, stamped envelopes shall be provided for return of any conformed materials and/or rejected orders.

Ex Parte Presentation Fee

The current fee for the clerk to present documents to Ex Parte for out-of-county counsel is $30. You must enclose any copies you want conformed and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their return. If the clerk is requested to prepare copies, the appropriate fee must be enclosed (certified or not certified).

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