Getting Information About a Case

How do I get information about a case? For example - Can you tell me if a person has any cases filed against them, or me? Can you tell me the status of or what happened in a case? Can I look at a case file?

To view court cases or search basic information such as small claims, case number or defendant name, please visit

To obtain further detailed information on a case, or retain copies, follow the steps below. 

In Person

The County Clerk's Office may provide information about any Superior Court case that is public, and not confidential or sealed by court order, in person during business hours (8:30 a.m. - 12 Noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday). Public files may be viewed in the office; they may not be removed.

By Telephone

Limited information is available by telephoning the County Clerk's Office at 509-477-2211 for public cases only. No information can be provided over the telephone for confidential or sealed cases. In older cases, if the case is on microfilm, we will take your information and a daytime telephone number where we can contact you or direct your call to the Archives Division of the Clerk's Office.

By Mail

You may mail a request for information to:
Spokane County Clerk's Office
County Courthouse, Room 300
1116 W Broadway Avenue
Spokane WA 99021-0090

Include in your letter as much information as you have about the case, for example - party names, date of filing, etc., and what (if any) documents you would like a copy of. If you are requesting information about a confidential or sealed case, you will need to provide proper identification depending on access requirements. Some confidential and sealed cases may not be accessible at all without first obtaining a court order.


There is a $30 fee for searching records plus the copy charge, if copies are requested. Certified copies (with seal) cost $5 for the first page of the document and $1 for each additional page. Non-certified copies cost $.25 cents per page. These fees are in accordance with RCW 36.18.016.

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