County Lakes

The Spokane County Marine Enforcement Unit provides regular boat patrols of the following county lakes and surrounding shoreline. Detailed descriptions and contour maps are also provided for each of the Spokane County Lakes.
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  1. Amber Lake

    Amber Lake is a 117-acre, 1.8 mile long lake located 11 miles Southwest of Cheney.

  2. Badger Lake

    Badger Lake is a 244-acre, 2.3 mile long lake 8.5 miles South of Cheney. April, May and September are the best times to set a hook.

  3. Bear Lake

    Bear Lake is a 35-acre lake located on Highway 2. It is 2.5 miles North of Chattaroy on the West side. The lake is county-owned and a minimal fee of $2 is required per car and driver plus $1 for additional anglers.

  4. Chapman Lake

    Chapman Lake is 146-acres. This lake has a late closure so you can take advantage of good action on its largemouth and smallmouth bass.

  5. Clear Lake

    Clear Lake is 377 acres and 110 feet deep at the north end. It is spring fed and heavily timbered with beautiful cliffs.

  6. Deep Lake / Hog Canyon

    Deep Lake (53 acres), also known as Hog Canyon or Hog Lake, the winter-only season here should produce nice catches of rainbow trout to 10 or 11 inches during the winter season.

  7. Downs Lake

    Downs Lake is a 425-acre, 2 1/2 mile long lake 18 miles Southwest of Cheney. The marshy shoreline is a sure bet for Largmouths warming after the winter months.

  8. Eloika Lake

    Eloika Lake is a 659-acre lake located North of Chattaroy. It boasts of a plentiful supply of Bass, Crappie, Perch and Rainbow. Bass and Crappie are easily caught with plugs and spinners at the North and South ends of the lake.

  9. Fish Lake

    Fish Lake (47 acres): Plants of catch-able size eastern brook trout produce some excellent catches here, but competing species have limited fishing in recent years.

  10. Fishtrap Lake

    This popular rainbow trout fry-planted lake often has the highest average catch rate measured in the region on opening day, and this season could be similar. It's located 6 miles east of Sprague and can be reached via an I-90 exit to a county road running south.

  11. Horseshoe Lake

    A shallow lake 10 miles west of Nine Mile Falls, Horseshoe gets annual plants of rainbow trout to provide some fair fishing early in the season.

  12. Liberty Lake

    Although largemouth bass, perch and other warmwater species dominate here, yearling and broodstock rainbow trout and yearling brown trout are planted.

  13. Medical Lake

    This selective fishery regulations lake is open during a limited season in compliance with local ordinances of the town of Medical Lake.

  14. Newman Lake

    This lake 14 miles east of Spokane on Highway 290 has something for everybody: largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, perch, catfish, plus rainbow and brown trout.

  15. Silver Lake

    Silver is a 486-acre lake located approximately 2 miles from I-90's Four Lakes exit, and 15 miles from Spokane.

  16. West Medical Lake

    West Medical Lake is a 235 acre lake 1 mile west of town of Medical Lake.

  17. Williams Lake

    Rehabilitated in the fall of 1995, fishing for rainbow trout will be fair during the 1996 season because of catchable-size rainbow plants in the spring.