Right to Know Program

Community Right to Know

The LEPC has set up a Community Right to Know Program which incorporates the chemicals reported to the LEPC by local businesses.

This program is based upon the 1986 Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA). This legislation requires local planning by businesses and response agencies (such as fire departments) whenever hazardous materials are involved. SARA also requires the establishment of a system in each community that informs citizens of chemicals used, manufactured or stored locally.

Public Disclosure information can be found with the Public Records Officer.

Workers Right to Know

Laws exist which require a Hazard Communication Standard, also known as the Worker Right to Know Program. Employers are required to inform employees of chemical hazards present in the workplace.

For more information about Worker Right to Know contact your supervisor or the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Safety toll-free at 800-423-7233.