Duties & Training

Patrol Canine Teams

Patrol Canine Teams track and locate suspects that have fled on foot from a crime scene or that have concealed themselves inside buildings. Additionally they are trained to locate evidence that suspects have left behind or dropped while fleeing and are taught to protect their handlers.

Narcotic Detection Teams

Narcotic Detection Canine Teams locate the odor of narcotics. The teams are trained to locate the odors of Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine. They learn to search for these odors in a variety of locations to include, buildings, vehicles, and open areas.

Explosive Detection Team

Explosive detection canine teams locate the odor of explosives. They conduct evidence searches at crime scenes and perform protective sweeps for special events and visiting dignitaries. They are trained to find all types of explosives in all types of environments.

Unit Composition

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Department Canine Unit follows Washington Administrative Code (WAC 139-05-915), which requires a minimum of 400 hours of training for Patrol and Explosive Detection Teams and 200 hours for Narcotic Detection Teams. The Canine Unit Teams train four times per month in order to maintain industry standards.

The SCSO canine unit currently consists of 6 teams:
  • 1 Explosive Detection Team ( Black Labrador)
  • 1 Cross-trained teams (Patrol and Narcotics) (German Shepherd)
  • 4 Patrol Team (German Shepherd)