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Shelter-in-Place with Sunny!


Sunny the Marmot is
our Shelter-in-Place Ambassador!

When emergencies happen, residents can respond quickly and safely if they already know what steps to follow.

Whether you are at home, work, or elsewhere, there may be situations when it's simply best to stay where you are and avoid any uncertainty outside.

Shelter-in-Place is a safety action you should take when the outside air poses a health risk or if it would be dangerous to be outside because of windstorms or other hazards. You could be asked to Shelter-in-Place when it's not safe to evacuate.

Use common sense and available information to assess the situation and determine if there is immediate danger. If you see large amounts of debris in the air, or if local authorities say the air is badly contaminated, you may want to Shelter-in-Place.

Sunny says when your are directed to Shelter-in-Place, you should follow these steps:

1. GO indoors with your children and pets
2. CLOSE windows and doors
3. MONITOR TV, Local Radio and Social Media for further instructions

There may be situations when you will want to take extra precautions and seal up a room. To learn more, see Sealing A Room.

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