1. Dropbox with ballot

    Ballot Drop Box Locations

    All 24 Spokane County Ballot Drop Boxes for the November 6th General Election are open! Ballot Drop Box Locations
  2. P818 Ballots

    General Election Ballots Mailed

    Check your mailbox! Over 315,000 ballots were mailed to registered voters Wednesday and Thursday for the November 6th General Election. Current Election Information
  3. Form

    General Election Registration Deadline

    If you are not registered to vote in the state of Washington, you can still register in person at the Elections Office until 4 PM on Monday October 29th. More Information
  4. Vote

    Current Election Information

    Check out our Current Election page for important dates, the Online Voters' Guide, resolutions and more. Current Election Information
  5. Washington

    New Resident Information

    If you're new to Washington State, here is some helpful information about voting from the Washington Secretary of State. New Resident Information