Orientation & First Day

Jury service for Spokane County is an on-call basis for a 2-week term. Our first day of service includes an orientation beginning normally at 8:30 a.m, but could be a different time.  Reporting times will be included in the nightly recording or on the website. Further information regarding jury service will be provided through a video and other introductory information. Selection of jurors for individual trials proceeds during that first day. If a juror is not selected on the first day, the court instructs the juror to call a recording line (509-477-4720) each night during for the rest of the term of service, to determine which days the juror needs to report again for selection. Jurors whose Call Groups are not required to report on their first Monday of service will be asked to call the recording on Friday prior to their second week of service for further instructions.

A First Day Juror Information Sheet (PDF) is also available for viewing.