Jury Management will notify you of any delays as information becomes available. You should be prepared to wait. You may wish to bring a book, needlework, or other small hobbies to work on during those breaks. However, the courts request no newspapers be brought to the courthouse, and that you not read about or listen to any media publications about any court cases from the time you receive your summons until you have completed your jury duty term.


Jury fees are set by the County Commissioners of each county. Spokane County's current fee is $10 per day of service. Mileage is paid at the State's current rate per mile. Payroll is processed weekly, and jury checks should be received within three weeks of the service date. If a juror serves during the second week of the jury term, a second check will be issued.

Social Security Number

A Social Security number is required in order for us to pay jurors. This is required by the IRS for County auditing, and is used only for this purpose. Please be prepared to check or give us your number on orientation day. At no time will the jury coordinator or court staff person call you and ask for your social security number over the phone. Social Security Numbers are purged from the system once jury checks are cashed.


Jury fees are reportable on income tax returns under other income; however, no IRS forms will be sent to jurors unless a juror has received over $600 from jury duty.


If a juror is receiving unemployment benefits, the $10 jury fee for each day will be subtracted from the unemployment benefits received for that week. The juror may need to provide a verification of juror days. Benefits will only decrease for those days that you report for jury duty. A juror is expected to seek employment on days when he/she is not serving as a juror during that two-week term. See Employment Security Department website.

Salary/Wage Reimbursement

Some places of employment pay regular wages while an individual is serving on jury duty. This is not a requirement however, and the decision to pay wages is entirely up to the business. If an employer does pay during absence due to jury duty, they will normally require that you give them your jury check upon receipt. Jurors may need to check with their employer to see if the business reimburses wages while they are absent for jury duty.

Pay Complications

Sometimes there are complications with receiving jury pay, such as incorrect address, inability to deliver mail, or lost checks. If jury payment has not been received within four weeks from the date of service, the juror should call the Court Administrator's Office and let the Jury Coordinator know.