Juror Information

If you have additional questions about the jury duty process, please refer to our FAQs page for additional information or contact the Jury Coordinator.
  1. Accommodation Request by Persons with a Disability

    Wheelchair parking is available to the east of the north entrance to the Courthouse, as well as in the Jury Parking lot to the north of Juvenile Court on Adams.

  2. Compensation

    Jury fees are set by the County Commissioners of each county. Spokane County's current fee is $10 per day of service.

  3. Confidentiality

    Juror information is considered confidential, and will not be released unless by order of the court in which the juror has served on a trial.

  4. Day Length

    Court sessions generally run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding orientation day).

  5. Delay in Process

    Jury Management will notify you of any delays as information becomes available.

  6. Disqualification from Jury Duty

    A juror is not qualified to serve under certain conditions.

  7. Jury Service Informational Videos

    Download informational videos to acquaint you with jury service procedures.

  8. Length of Service

    The term of service is two weeks; however, most jurors serve only 3 to 5 days.

  9. No Smoking Allowed

    The courthouse campus area is a non-smoking facility, and jurors are required to exit the building for smoking breaks.

  10. On Call Process

    Jurors are randomly placed into "call groups" of 10 or more individuals, for the call-in process.

  11. Orientation & First Day

    Jury service for Spokane County is an on-call basis for a 2-week term. Our first day of service includes an orientation beginning normally at 8:30 a.m.

  12. Parking Information / Transportation

    Since we mail a parking permit which allows free parking at a meter in the County lots, the court cannot be responsible for tickets due to an improperly parked vehicle of a juror.

  13. Recording Daily Attendance

    It is imperative that each juror who has been selected for a jury trial, or is reporting for selection, record their daily attendance immediately upon reporting.

  14. Requesting an Excuse from Jury Duty

    If you have a hardship that prevents you from serving on jury duty, the court prefers to reschedule you for a different week.

  15. Rescheduling Jury Duty

    The Court realizes that occasionally jurors may have scheduling conflicts occur during the time frame for which they have been summoned.

  16. Selection Process

    The Master List is a combination of eligible Spokane County residents ages 18 and over from the driver’s license list, voter registration list, and State Identicard holder’s list.

  17. Social Media

    The courts request that, both before and during jury duty, prospective jurors refrain from reading or communicating about court cases.

  18. Summons

    Summons are sent to prospective jurors approximately 6 weeks prior to the month of service.

  19. Verification for Work

    Employment verification for days served is available upon request through the Jury Management Office.