Jury Service Notice

There is more than one Court System which summons jurors for trials.

If the summons received for Jury Service is from the Spokane County Clerk, it is a Spokane County Superior Court Summons and the information on this website prevails. The parking permit on the Superior Court Summons states the term of your jury service.

If the summons received is from the Federal Court System (Eastern District of Washington), then they will notify you of your term later on. If you have questions, go to their website and click on the "Jury Service" icon for more information on the Federal Court System.

Jury Summons & Juror Information Form

When you receive a Jury Summons, please keep the Jury Summons for your first day of service. You should fill out the Jury Summons Online Form and provide the additional information that is needed for Jury Service immediately. If there are complications with the date or with actual service, you should indicate those concerns on the Jury Summons Online Form
For additional information on the jury service process, please refer to the Juror Information page and/or the FAQs page.

Spokane County Courts

There are a total of 23 Judges trying cases in Spokane County's Superior, District and Municipal Courts.

Superior Court

Jurors in the Superior Court may serve on civil or criminal (felony) cases. No juvenile or domestic cases are decided by jury in Superior Court.

District Court

District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction and hears certain civil and criminal cases such as misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and domestic violence trials.

Municipal Court

Municipal Court covers case involving the City of Spokane concerning ordinance, traffic and impound violations, and parking infractions.