Get Involved

  1. Current Projects

    View a listing of Spokane County Parks projects that are in progress or were recently completed.

  2. Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

    The Spokane County Parks Advisory Committee is one way that Spokane County residents can get involved in Spokane County's parks, trails, open space, aquatic facilities, and more.

  3. Park Improvement Projects

    View information on potential community projects to be taken on by the Parks, Recreation, and Golf Department.

  4. Park Plan

    The Park Plan guides future development, improvements, and siting of park facilities.

  5. Regional Trail Plan

    The Regional Trail Plan lays out strategies to expand, connect and maintain trail systems in Spokane County.

  6. Research

    The Parks, Recreation, and Golf Department frequently partners with students, universities, and professional researchers on projects that can provide the Department and public with a greater understanding of our natural resources.

  7. Noxious Weed Control Program

    With over 13,000 acres of parkland managed and operated by Spokane County Parks, the Department has the responsibility and legal requirement to control, remove, and eradicate noxious weeds.

  8. Volunteer Opportunities

    Every year organizations, neighbors, groups, schools, and businesses choose to volunteer their time at a Spokane County Park. Find out how you can get involved.