Summer Employment

Note For Northside & Southside Family Aquatic Facilities 2021:

Both Northside and Southside Aquatic Facilities are slated to reopen in summer 2021 from late-June through mid-August. Current operational plans include limited ARC Learn-to-Swim Lessons and reservation-only family swim sessions.  All programming will follow all local, state, and federal guidelines for Water Recreational Facilities.

NEW Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor Certification Scholarships!

Be the first to dive in - get certified early! Register in April or May and receive a $100 discount towards lifeguard certification fees or a $50 discount towards lifeguard re-certification fees. Funds are limited and are first-come first-served so register NOW! Discount classes paid for by a generous grant from the Spokane Parks Foundation

Applying for a Job

We are looking for hard working and energetic staff with enthusiasm to work with people. Apply today to join Spokane County this summer at one of our two aquatics facilities; Northside Family Aquatics Facility and Southside Family Aquatics Facility. Along with earning a competitive wage, you will gain new skills, practice responsibility, and impact your community by creating a safe and exciting aquatics experience. For information on how to apply, visit our Human Resources Employment Page. If you have any questions regarding employment opportunities with Spokane County or any questions you may have, please click here to contact us.

Getting Certified

Each of our courses are accredited by the American Red Cross. Our instructors have years of experience as both practitioners and instructors. They bring real world experiences to the class and prepare each student to be successful for their future in aquatics safety.

Benefits of Certification

  • Earn money and respect.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Have fun.
  • Serve your community.
  • Develop leadership.
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Meet new people.

Necessary Courses

Wages for Aquatic Facility Positions

Position Hourly Wage Scale
Cashier & Concessions Worker
$13.69 - $14.09
Lifeguard $13.94 - $14.34
Lead Cashier & Concessions Worker
$14.69 - $14.89
Lead Lifeguard $14.94 - $15.14
Cashier & Concessions Assistant Manager $15.04 - $15.54
Lifeguard Assistant Manager $15.29 - $15.79
Cashier & Concessions Manager $15.69 - $16.19
Lifeguard Manager $15.94 - $16.44
Aquatic Program Coordinator
$16.69 - $18.69
Water Safety Instructor Certification Add $.50/hour