The Superior Court of Spokane County is organized into as many departments as there are Judges authorized by law. Each departmental Judge employs a full-time judicial assistant and court reporter.

For your convenience, a Superior Court department phone list (PDF) is available.
  1. Department 1

    Honorable Annette S. Plese

  2. Department 2

    Honorable James M. Triplet

  3. Department 3

    Honorable Raymond F. Clary

  4. Department 4

    Honorable Julie M. McKay

  5. Department 5

    Honorable Michael P. Price

  6. Department 6

    Honorable Tony Hazel

  1. Department 7

    Honorable Maryann C. Moreno

  2. Department 8

    Honorable Harold D. Clarke III

  3. Department 9

    Honorable John O. Cooney

  4. Department 10

    Honorable Linda G. Tompkins

  5. Department 11

    Honorable Timothy B. Fennessy

  6. Department 12

    Honorable Ellen Kalama Clark