EnviroKids’ Club is a way for you to team up with other kids in Spokane County to explore all parts of the environment: air, water, weather, garbage and recycling, plants and animals, you and your environment.
Spokane EnviroKids is a cooperative program of these agencies:
  • City of Spokane Solid Waste Department
  • City of Spokane Water Department
  • National Weather Service
  • Spokane Aquifer Joint Board
  • Spokane Conservation District
  • Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency
  • Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System
  • Spokane County Stormwater Utility
  • Spokane County Water Resources

Most Recent Club Member Mailers

For the most recent club member newsletters and additional information, visit the Spokane EnviroKids Official Website at https://sites.google.com/site/spokaneenvirokids/.