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Co-Occurring Disorders Docket

The Spokane County Co-Occurring Disorders (COD) docket was developed in 2008 to address the specific needs of offenders with drug dependency and mental illness who are participating in the Spokane County Adult Felony Therapeutic Drug Court (TDC) program. As such, the COD docket is embedded within the TDC program. The COD docket gives drug-dependent participants with mental illness the same opportunities as those in the TDC program to enter recovery, address their addiction and their mental illness, while preventing a felony on their record.

Entering the voluntary COD docket offers participants a chance to regain their life, mend their relationships, and become positive, contributing members of the community. Instead of jail or prison, participants will enter a court-supervised, structured treatment based program designed to help them become abstinent, manage their mental illness, and make healthier choices. This unique opportunity is based on treating the whole person by addressing needs in all major life areas.
Participants with COD have unique challenges in their recovery process. The treatment team leverages the skills of many professionals to help guide and support a participant's recovery efforts.

The COD docket adheres to all the same tenets as the TDC.

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If you have current felony charges pending and want to learn more about your eligibility, please contact the Public Defender, Alison McPeek at 509-477-4880, or by email.

If you have other questions or would like to learn more about how to support our success, please contact Lindsay Lanham at 509-477-6355, or by email.
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