Education at the WRC

Spokane County Water Resources collaborates with other local agencies in environmental education programs for primary and secondary school students. The Water Resource Center provides a fantastic setting for interactive learning. Additionally, tours of the Water Reclamation Facility are excellent secondary and higher education students to enhance chemistry and biology lessons and facilitate career development discussion with regard to wastewater treatment.
Water Display

Water in Natural Systems

Learn about the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie (SVRP) Aquifer and its connection with the Spokane River and surrounding lakes. Understand how the Missoula Floods carved and filled the Spokane Valley and created the SVRP Aquifer we use today.

Water in Engineered Systems

See how the dirty water that flows down your drains is cleaned and moved along in the water cycle. Help pump an aquifer model to see how contamination can travel in an aquifer and learn why we collect and treat wastewater in our region.

Taking Action

Combine the information you have learned to better use and protect the water around us.



Spokane County Water Resources is proud to be
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