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What We Do

Ride with Officers

Chaplains understand the unique culture of law enforcement, empathize with common problems that officers and their families face, and, when asked, can bring a spiritual perspective to the officers’ stressful jobs.

Assist the officer in the Community

During crisis situations involving traumatic incidents such as homicides, suicides, fatal traffic accidents, crib death, domestic violence, and other emergency situations, Chaplains assist victims and their families until other support systems are available to meet their needs. They also provide debriefing to officers and the community after a traumatic event such as a school shooting.

Personal Encouragement and Support

Chaplains help with the complex stresses of law enforcement work and its impact on marriage and family life.

Hospital and Home Visitations

Chaplains provide encouragement and comfort in times of an on-duty injury, illness, and line of duty death.

In the Community

  • Death Notifications. Assist surviving family members who do not have their own pastoral/clergy and officiate services.
  • Bears for Kids who are in a traumatic incident
  • Christmas Program for needy families
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Contact Us

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  2. 1116 W Broadway Avenue

  3. Spokane, WA 99260

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