Marine Enforcement

The Spokane County Marine Enforcement Unit provides regular boat patrols of the lakes and surrounding shoreline, enforcing state and local laws, answering calls for assistance, giving emergency medical aid, suppressing boat and waterfront fires, investigating water related accidents, and educating the public in safe boating practices. If you have any boating related questions, want boating safety material, or information on upcoming boating instructions classes, please contact us at 509-477-7608.
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The 2018 Operation Dry Water PSA tells the story of a family who was torn apart by the decision of one person to operate a boat under the influence. Drinking and driving a boat effects more than just you. The decisions you make can impact others lives greatly. #NeverBUI . For more information about Operation Dry Water visit

Personal Floatation Device Laws

Review the laws about personal floatation devices before you boat. The laws regarding when children must were personal flotation devices has changed in recent years. Make sure you have read and understand the new laws for your own family's safety.
Life Jacket Law

Washington Boating Safety Officers Association

Visit the Washington Boating Safety Officers Association's website to find information about boating tips, facts and education.

National Safe Boating Council

The National Safe Boating Council is the foremost coalition for the advancement and promotion of safer boating through education.
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International Association of Marine Investigators

The International Association of Marine Investigators, INC. are dedicated to combating Marine Theft, Insurance Fraud and Investigating Boating Accidents to help keep the waterways of the world a Safer Place.

Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission

Visit the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission site to find information about our state park's features, reservations, rental programs, and available services.
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