Mandatory Family Guardian Training – Changes are Coming.  

The monthly training held in the Juror Assembly Room will be online soon.  Once it is available you will have 30 days to take the training.   Please check back for additional details. Thank you


Beginning January 4, 2021, RCW 11.130 ARTICLE 2 (sections .185-.260) takes effect.  If you wish to file a NEW action seeking to appoint a guardian for a minor, you MUST follow the provisions outlined in RCW 11.130.   Any current cases pending under RCW 26.10 (Non-Parental Custody actions), MAY still be finalized in those open case files through January, 2021.  If they are not finalized prior to January 31, 2021, a new action must be started under the new statute.  This is pending any further extensions the Washington State Legislature may grant.

Minor guardianship forms can be located on the Administrative Office of the Courts website: Washington State Courts - Court Forms - Minor Guardianship.

Effective July 22, 2011, House Bill 1053 amended RCW 11.88 and 11.92 and requires online training prior to attending the in-person guardian training. You must complete the online training and provide the declaration of completion of guardian training in order to register for the below listed guardian training.

Pursuant to LSPR 98.24, effective January 1, 2007, Spokane County Superior Court has developed mandatory guardian training for nonprofessional (family and volunteer) guardians. This rule applies to all guardianship cases including those originating under RCW 11.88 and SPR 98.16W.


To provide nonprofessional guardians with information on their legal responsibilities, paperwork and reports that are required in serving as a guardian.

Training Specifications

  • The training is mandatory for all nonprofessional guardians prior to their appointment as guardian. Certified Professional Guardians are not required to attend this training as long as the guardian is in good standing with the Certified Professional Guardian Board.
  • The training will be held once a month in the Superior Court Juror Assembly Room, Spokane County Courthouse, 3rd floor annex, from 4:45 p.m. to approximately 6:45 p.m. Download the Guardian Training Schedule (PDF).
  • Successful completion of the training shall be evidenced by a certificate issued by the court and filed in the guardianship court file prior to the hearing on the petition for guardianship.
  • The court will consider waiver of the training for attorneys, bank trust officers and other professionals who have been appointed as guardians in the past upon a properly noted motion before the court.
  • Each training participant shall pay a fee in the amount of $10 to Spokane County to cover the cost of the training material.

Training Registration

To register and receive training material, a completed registration form and fee (check or money order only, payable to the Spokane County Superior Court) in the amount of $10 and declaration of completion of guardian training (state online training) shall be delivered, in person, to the Guardianship Monitoring Program, Room 202A, Spokane County Courthouse at least 5 business days prior to the training date.

Download the Guardian Registration forms (PDF) or pick them up at the Guardianship Monitoring Program Office.

Guardianship Training Forms

More Guardianship Forms are available on the Guardianship and Trust Forms page.