Saltese Flats Wetland Restoration

Spokane County Environmental Services is working to restore wetlands at Saltese Flats. As part of the project, Utilities has purchased three parcels on the Flats, totaling 600 acres. These 3 parcels make up the land area called "Option B" during the completed feasibility study. We believe that restored wetlands in that area will provide benefits in several ways including:
  • Delaying runoff to recharge the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer to increase flow in the Spokane River during late summer months
  • Restoring a diverse wildlife habitat
  • Providing a community resource for public access and education
  • Allowing for possible future application of Class A reclaimed water
The initial project includes the management of natural water flowing through the site. At this time reclaimed water is not planned to be used for the restoration project, though additions of reclaimed water in the future are possible.

 Construction Timeline

  • Complete Phase 2 final design: Spring 2019
  • Project bidding:  Summer 2019
  • Construction and implementation: Fall 2019
  • Anticipated Public Access Available:  Summer 2020