Special Events & Reservations

We will begin accepting reservation requests for 2020 on January 1, 2020. Thank you!

Whether you are planning a cross country race, a car show, or wanting to reserve a picnic shelter, you will need to complete and submit a Reservation and Special Event Permit Request Form. If you have any questions regarding your event, please contact us Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Reservation & Special Event Permit Request Form

To reserve Camp Caro Lodge, a park picnic shelter, or other event space within a County Park, please check availability first by calling 509-477-4730. Your event may require you provide proof of insurance, so please call ahead prior to requesting a reservation or view the minimum insurance requirements below.

Complete and submit your Reservation and Special Event Permit Request Form online.

Did you have an event at a County park and want to give feedback? Click here to take a brief survey.

Prices, Insurance, and Additional Information

Additional Permits / Event Info

Additional permits may be necessary when planning your event. If your event:
  • Includes alcohol, you may need a banquet permit from the WA Liquor and Cannabis Board.
  • Uses or impacts public streets or public right-of-ways, contact Spokane County Public Works: Angela Roth at 509-477-7151.
  • Includes serving food or beverage to the public, contact: Spokane Regional Health District
  • Will take place on the soccer field portion of Plante's Ferry Sports Stadium (aka "Sports Complex"), contact: Spokane Valley Junior Soccer Association
  • Uses the Centennial Trail,  contact Lara Gricar, Special Events Coordinator with Washington State Parks at (509) 465-5066.
  • Needs solid waste disposal, free recycling and food waste disposal, contact Spokane County Solid Waste Event Services by clicking here.

Looking For Another Venue?

  • Washington State Parks - (509) 465-5066
  • City of Spokane Parks & Recreation - (509) 363-5455
  • City of Spokane Valley Parks & Recreation (509) 688-0300
  • City of Liberty Lake (509) 755-6700
  • City of Medical Lake (509) 565-5007
  • City of Cheney (509) 498-9250