Special Events & Reservations

COVID-19 Update: Spokane County is currently not accepting shelter reservations or special event requests due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, and the exact start date for accepting reservations is undetermined. In the interim, completing the Special Event Permit and Reservation Request Form on our website places your contact information on a distribution list which ensures you will be among the first to receive notice when the opening date for reservations has been determined.  Staff will continue to carefully monitor COVID guidelines and Spokane County’s Phase of Reopening status so that we can begin accepting reservations as soon as possible. 

Please review the information below and call 509-477-4730 before completing a Special Event Permit Application.

All Special Events held in County parks require a Special Event Permit Application to be completed and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department at least 14 days prior to your event.

When is a Special Event Permit is Required?

Examples of when a Special Event Permit may be required for your event:

  • Number of people planned for an event exceeds the park’s capacity and impacts typical public use of it
  • Events requiring exclusive use of the park, area or facility
  • Events requiring services or facilities not normally available to the general public 
  • Using a park or facility (or a portion thereof) in a way not typically allowed (e.g. boy scout archery range or car show on park lawn)
  • Events outside of summer park season (October 1st – April 30th) that require the event organizer to provide services for the event that are typically provided by County Parks during the summer season (e.g. restrooms)

*IMPORTANT: Event applications are reviewed and approved by the Parks Director or designee on a case-by-case basis. Submittal of a special event reservation request form does not guarantee that an event will be authorized for the desired facility due to limiting factors such as available services, staff and resources as well as the limited capacity of the facility. Once reviewed and approved, County Parks staff will call to take payment info and issue a Special Event Permit to event organizer.

Alcohol and Minimum Insurance Requirements

1. Do I need insurance?
For special events such as runs, races, car shows or other elevated liability event, insurance is required. If alcohol is a planned part of your event (e.g. you are hosting a wedding reception and will be providing beer and wine to guests), insurance is required. If alcohol is not a planned part of your event (e.g. Uncle Joe might bring a six pack to the family reunion), insurance is not required.

*Insurance is required for all Camp Caro Lodge rentals.

2. How do I satisfy the insurance requirement?
See Spokane County minimum insurance requirements below. Insurance can be obtained through purchasing a special event insurance policy (Tip: Google Search "Special Event Insurance Policy") or by utilizing your homeowner's insurance policy (approved on a case-by-case basis by Risk Management). Typical standalone insurance policies can cost on average $175-250. Once obtained, you will send insurance documents (e.g. Certificate of Insurance) to jteichmer@spokanecounty.org.

3. Questions? Contact Spokane County's Risk Management at 509-477-6104 or at the email address listed above.

Prices, Insurance, and Additional Information

Additional Permits / Event Info

Additional permits may be necessary when planning your event. If your event:
  • Includes alcohol, you may need a banquet permit from the WA Liquor and Cannabis Board.
  • Uses or impacts public streets or public right-of-ways, contact Spokane County Public Works: Angela Roth at 509-477-7151.
  • Includes serving food or beverage to the public, contact: Spokane Regional Health District
  • Will take place on the soccer field portion of Plante's Ferry Sports Stadium (aka "Sports Complex"), contact: Spokane Valley Junior Soccer Association
  • Uses the Centennial Trail,  contact Lara Gricar, Special Events Coordinator with Washington State Parks at (509) 465-5066.
  • Needs solid waste disposal, free recycling and food waste disposal, contact Spokane County Solid Waste Event Services by clicking here.

Looking For Another Venue?

  • Washington State Parks - (509) 465-5066
  • City of Spokane Parks & Recreation - (509) 363-5455
  • City of Spokane Valley Parks & Recreation (509) 688-0300
  • City of Liberty Lake (509) 755-6700
  • City of Medical Lake (509) 565-5007
  • City of Cheney (509) 498-9250