Leash Law

Know the law! Having your dog off-leash in a non-designated off-leash County Park can result in an $87 fine.

Spokane County Code 5.04.070 Control of Dogs

The following dog control regulations are police regulations designed to protect public health and safety. The owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable to control his or her dog or dogs as required herein. This means that the penalty for violation of these regulations is imposed without regard to any wrongful intention of the violator. It is unlawful for the owner or keeper of a dog or dogs to violate any of the following regulations. The owner or keeper of a dog or dogs shall prevent said dogs from:

(1)   Running at large in Spokane County, whether licensed or not; provided, that this subsection shall not: a) prohibit a person from walking or exercising a dog in public when such dog is on a leash, tether or chain not to exceed eight feet in length; and, b) prohibit a person from having a dog off-leash in an area designated pursuant to Section 5.04.045(1) as an off-leash area provided that the requirements of Section 5.04.045(2) are met.

Spokane County Code 5.04.045  Designated Off-Leash Area(s) - Rules & Regulations

Except as expressly allowed in this section, it shall be unlawful for any person to all or permit their dog to run at large.

(1)   Dogs may be allowed to run at large only in the following designated off-leash areas:

(a)   Designated off-leash area within Gateway Park, located off Interstate 90 in Spokane County adjacent to the Idaho/Washington border;

(2)   An area designated as off-leash area in subsection (1) herein, is governed by the following rules and regulations:

(a)   Any person bringing a dog into the off-leash area remains liable for damage or injury inflicted by the dog and is subject to all applicable Washington State and Spokane County laws regulating dogs.

(b)   Any dog deemed potentially dangerous or dangerous by any recognized animal control authority is not allowed in an off-leash area.

(c)   Any person bringing a dog into an off-leash area must maintain control of the dog(s) at all times.

(d)   No handler is allowed to have more than three dogs in an off-leash area at any one time. A handler must attend his/her dog within an off-leash area at all times.

(e)   Any dog exhibiting dangerous or aggressive behavior, including but not limited to biting and fighting is prohibited from an off-leash area.

(f)   A female dog in heat is not allowed in an off-leash area.

(g)   Any person bringing a dog to an off-leash area must leash the dog when it is outside the off-leash area; and, must carry a leash for each dog while inside the off-leash area.

(h)   Pinch and choke collars are not allowed when a dog is off leash in the off-leash area.

(i)   A dog must be vaccinated.

(j)   Any person bringing a dog into an off-leash area must clean up feces after the dog, deposit feces in the containers at the off-leash site, and visibly carry equipment for removing feces.

(k)   Any children less than sixteen years of age in the off-leash area must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

(l)   No glass containers or alcohol allowed in an off leash area.

(m)   Bicycles, skateboards, and other wheeled items are prohibited inside an off-leash area.

(Ord. No. 09-1146, 12-15-2009)