Rules & Regulations

In 2015, the Spokane County Board of County Commissioners adopted an overhaul of County Park Regulations. These rules and regulations have been established by the County Commissioners to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting Spokane County's parks and park facilities.


Dogs must be kept on leash in all County Parks (including hiking areas) unless otherwise designated, such as the Patricia Simonet Laughing Dog Park at Gateway Regional Park.


Fishing within parks is subject to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Rules and Regulations.


It is not legal within all County Parks to start, build and maintain fires with the exception of areas that specifically allow fires within fire rings, such as the Liberty Lake Regional Park Campground. A burn restriction / ban could prohibit all fires if wildfire risk is high.

Shooting & Hunting

Shooting and hunting are not permitted within County Parks.


Camping is allowed only where specifically designated and/or marked for such purpose (Liberty Lake Regional Park).


The Department maintains a list of parks and park areas where the possession of consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed and where it is prohibited.