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Beginning January 4, 2021, RCW 11.130 ARTICLE 2 (sections .185-.260) takes effect.  If you wish to file a NEW action seeking to appoint a guardian for a minor, you MUST follow the provisions outlined in RCW 11.130.  Any current cases pending under RCW 26.10 (Non-Parental Custody actions), MAY still be finalized in those open case files through January, 2021.  If they are not finalized prior to January 31, 2021, a new action must be started under the new statute.  This is pending any further extensions the Washington State Legislature may grant.


Minor guardianship forms can be located on the Administrative Office of the Courts website: Washington State Courts - Court 
Forms - Minor Guardianship

Superior Court is Accepting Applications for UGA Court Appointed Attorneys

The recent enactment of the Uniform Guardianship Act (UGA), RCW 11.130, repeals, effective January 1, 2021, the Non Parental custody statute, RCW 26.10, in its entirety and replaces it with a new statutory framework.  Article 2 of the UGA provides for the appointment of an attorney for the parent(s) and for children under certain circumstances. 

Spokane County Superior Court is requesting qualifications and relevant information from local attorneys interested in providing legal representation to parents and/or children in UGA actions.  Attorneys could choose to represent only parents, only children, or both.

To be considered for inclusion on the court appointed attorney list, please submit the following:

1. A current resume, outlining your professional knowledge, skills, years of experience, training / certifications, and professional affiliations
2. A cover letter, specifying the list(s) you are applying for and detailing:

    • Experience providing legal representation services in family law, dependency, guardianship or related areas of law; and
    • A brief description of your expected approach to handling these cases, including the case management and client contact procedures and processes; and
    • Experience providing indigent representation services.

The County pay rate is tentatively set at $1,400 per case.  If the attorney believes additional funds are needed, a proper motion for authorization will need to be presented to the Court prior to expending any additional funds.

Please email the materials listed above along with any other relevant information to Ashley Callan, Court Administrator at

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Honorable John O. Cooney

  • Courtroom 408, Family Law Judge

Honorable Rachelle E. Anderson

  • Courtroom 305, Family Law Judge

Superior Court Commissioners

  • Family Law Center, Room 200, 509-477-5702
  • Honorable Tami M. Chavez, Room 306
  • Honorable Nichole Swennumson, Juvenile Court
  • Honorable Kevin Stewart, Room 200
  • Honorable Michelle Ressa, Room 200
  • Honorable John Stine, Court Administrator's Office
  • Honorable Tony M. Rugel, Room 200
  • Honorable Julia Pelc, Court Administrator's Office
  • Honorable Jacquelyn High-Edward, Room 304
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Family Law Responsibilities

  • Family Law / Domestic Relations Matters include:
    • Dissolution/Legal Separation/Invalidity of a Marriage
    • Modification of Custody/Parenting Plan
    • Modification of Child Support Order
    • Establishment of Parentage (Paternity)
    • Non-parental (Third Party) Custody
  • Ex Parte Court
  • Civil Commitment

Family Law Coordinator

The Family Law Coordinator coordinates all Court calendars, schedules and case management issues for the 8 Court Commissioners.

Family Court Facilitator

The Family Court Facilitator facilitates to empower Pro Se individuals with necessary instructions, forms, and efforts necessary to participate with the Family Court.

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The Children's Waiting Room is a free drop-in childcare program available to residents of Spokane County attending to business on the Spokane County Courthouse campus.

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