Our Values


Trustworthiness is one of the most important ethical values and brings together qualities such as honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty. Earned trust allows the community to feel secure and assures them we will meet our obligations. Our ability to function as an organization rises and falls upon this value and it must be jealously guarded to ensure our continued success. The esteem the community holds for the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is based squarely on each member’s honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty.


Our commitment to achieving our mission for the people of Spokane County can only be secured through a responsible, reliable and affirmative effort. Responsibility incorporates qualities such as accountability, self-restraint, and the pursuit of excellence. We must accept the responsibilities for our actions as well as inactions while on-duty or off-duty, when those actions bring disrepute on the image of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and fellow members. We shall uphold and follow through on promises and commitments so we can be relied upon.


This organization revolves around the respect to our duty, mission and the community. Respect in the Sheriff’s Office is demonstrated through the courteous treatment we offer each other in the conduct of our daily business. We strive to treat others with courtesy and respect at all times; not because of whom they are but because of who we are. We will maintain our professionalism by not allowing another’s behavior to dictate our response. Our duties will be carried out in a respectful and professional manner regardless of the actions of others.


We shall seek to be fair in adhering to a balanced standard of impartiality, equality, openness and due process without relevance to our feelings or inclinations. We will seek out relevant information and conflicting perspectives before making important judgments and decisions. Our decisions must be made without favoritism or prejudice and we shall not take advantage of weakness or ignorance in others.


We must empathize with the problems of people whom we work with and contact on a daily basis. Sometimes we must make decisions that may cause people both emotional and physical pain. In doing so, one should be consciously aware to cause no more discomfort than is reasonable and necessary to perform one’s duties. A person who is caring will feel an obligation to be trustworthy, responsible, respectful, fair, and promote good citizenship.


The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office exists for the service it provides to the community. We consider it our duty to deliver friendly, beneficial service, which promotes our mission. Members are encouraged to provide community service outside of their normal work environment thorough civic groups, athletics, churches and other forms of volunteerism.