The Spokane County Parks, Recreation, and Golf Department provides a variety of developed public parks in the Spokane area. Whether you are looking to camp, throw a frisbee, play softball, or have a family picnic, find a park near you and get outside!

To reserve a portion of a park, a picnic shelter, or Camp Caro Lodge for your event, please visit our Rental Section and our Special Events Section to learn how reserve one of these facilities.
  1. Find a Park

    Browse parks and park facilities in Spokane County.

  2. Campground Information

    Learn more about the Liberty Lake Campground and its fees & amenities.

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  4. Current Projects

    Spokane County Parks Current Projects

  5. County Parks

    View a listing of parks in the Spokane County Parks System.

  6. Centennial Trail

    The Spokane River Centennial Trail is a 37-mile paved recreational trail for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles.

  7. Leash Law

    View the Spokane County Parks dog leash laws and policy.

  8. Park Ranger

    Learn about the Park Ranger's mission statement and duties.

  9. Park Services Season

    View a detailed description of parks services provided by Spokane County.

  10. Park Watch Report Form

    Complete this form to report illegal activity in a Spokane County park or conservation area.

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  12. Rental Facilities

    View a listing of rental facilities available in Spokane County Parks.

  13. Rules & Regulations

    View rules and regulations enforced to keep Spokane County parks clean and safe.

  14. Trail Maps

    View Spokane County Trail Maps in PDF form.

  15. Liberty Lake Backcountry Camping Permit

    Liberty Lake Backcountry Camping Permit