The Spokane County Parks, Recreation, and Golf Department provides a variety of developed public parks in the Spokane area. Whether you are looking to camp, throw a frisbee, play softball, or have a family picnic, find a park near you and get outside! For a map of the Spokane County Park System, click here.

To reserve a portion of a park, a picnic shelter, or Camp Caro Lodge for your event, please visit our Rental Section and our Special Events Section to learn how to reserve one of these facilities.

Annual Report 2017 (Condensed Version)
  1. Limited Service Season Begins October 1st at Most Spokane County Parks.

    Not unlike our resident black bears, Spokane County's park system goes into hibernation starting October 1st. While parks remain open for public access, most services (incl. restrooms) are unavailable unless special provisions dictate otherwise. For more info...
  2. Bidwell Park is closed for construction

    Safety First! Please remember that Bidwell Park is CLOSED for construction. Read On...
  3. Spokane County Bidwell Park Construction Starting July, 2019

    After many years of planning and preparation, construction of Bidwell Park is set to begin July 22nd! Read On...
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