Child Development Services


Child Development services are provided to children birth to three years old who are eligible for services through DSHS, Region 1, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Services typically consist of family education and support, early intervention therapies such as physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech-language pathology (SLP), and/or specialized instruction.

  • Services are based on an Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP) whereby families identify their concerns and priorities, based on their child's strengths and needs.
  • Services are provided in natural environments to the maximum extent appropriate to the needs of the child, including the home, neighborhood, or community setting in which infants and toddlers without disabilities participate.
  • Services are available to assist the child and family to transition, at age three, from early intervention services into the public school system or other appropriate services in the community.
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Eligibility for services is not based on income. Eligibility is determined for children birth to three years of age by the existence of a developmental delay in the following areas:

  • Fine or gross motor skills
  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Self-help skills
  • Cognitive, academic, or problem-solving skills,
  • Social/emotional skills
  • Children with Down Syndrome or another similar diagnosis may also be eligible.

Typical Child Development

The following resources are helpful guides regarding typical child development:

Free Developmental Screening

If you are concerned about your child's development, you can get a free, developmental screening appointment through The Spokane Regional Health District's - Infant Toddler Network at 509-324-1651.

Contracted Agencies

Spokane County Community Services currently contracts with the following three children's agencies: