Meet Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo

2016 MSIR - Madi Casto
Madi Casto is the 9th woman to reign as Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo. Born and raised in Spokane, Madi is the 22 year-old daughter of Bill and Marie Casto. Since the first time she climbed in the saddle at two years old, she hasn't given it up. She spent ten years competing in Spokane County 4H and several years in Washington State Horsemen in both the Horse Show and Games Divisions.

Madi is currently studying Geography at Eastern Washington University and upon graduation, she will attend graduate school to pursue a career in Urban and Regional Planning.  At EWU, Madi is a lifetime member of the international organization, Alpha Omicron Pi.  She is a member of the Associated Students of Eastern Washington University's Finance Committee and is the "Concert Coordinator" for Eagle Entertainment.  

"It is a privilege to be able to represent a city with such a rich history and as a ambassador of the professional sport of rodeo.  I'm honored to represent my hometown this year."
Madi Casto
2016 Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen