Adult Services


In Spokane County, people 21 years of age or older (with developmental disabilities) and their families are able to choose a Spokane County contracted agency they would like to receive services from. A DSHS, Region 1, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Case Resource Manager makes referrals to specific agencies.


Eligibility for services is not based on income. Once a person is determined eligible through DDA, their Case Resource Manager can make referrals to specific agencies.


Individual Employment (IE)

Individual Employment (IE) services are a part of an Individual's pathway to employment are tailored to individual needs, interests, abilities, and promote career development. These are individualized services necessary to help people with developmental disabilities obtain and continue integrated employment at or above the state's minimum wage in the general workforce. These services may include intake, discovery, assessment, job preparation, job marketing, job supports, record keeping, and support to maintain a job.

Group Supported Employment (GSE)

Group Supported Employment (GSE) services are a part of an Individual's pathway to integrated jobs in typical community employment. These services are intended to be short term and offer ongoing supervised employment for groups no more than eight (8) workers with disabilities in the same setting. The service outcomes are sustained, paid employment leading to further career development in integrated employment at or above minimum wage. Examples include enclaves, mobile crews, and other business models employing small groups of workers with disabilities in integrated employment in community settings.

Community Inclusion (CI)

Community Inclusion (CI) services are individualized services provided in typical integrated community settings. The CI program supports citizens to thrive in their home communities by learning how to actively and  independently engage in their local community. The ideal outcome of service is that natural relationships with other community members with similar interest are developed so paid supports are no longer needed. DDA client eligibility requirements are age sixty-two (62) and over; or have participated in a DDA employment program for nine (9) consecutive months.

The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is a program that helps bridge the funding gap for people with developmental disabilities who need employment services but do not have a Medicaid waiver to pay for those services. The Bridge Project can pay for services to help you prepare for and get employment such as: job preparation, job exploration, job development, and job coaching.

View a brochure that more fully explains The Bridge Project and who qualifies. Also available is The Bridge Project application and two consent forms, which must be completed together and returned to the address at the bottom of the application.

Bridge Project Documents