Entry Deadlines

With the Spokane Interstate Fair going virtual, the way in which we enter our items this year has changed (as well as the entry deadlines).  We'd like to thank you in advance for your continued support of the Interstate Fair through your participation this year!

Due BEFORE July 31 - Photography

Due BEFORE August 21 - 3D Printer Projects, 4-H Presentations, Antique Tractors / Displays, Creature Feature, Decorated Cakes, Educational Displays, Gardens, Lego Contest, Quilts, Livestock, Table Decorating, Wine Labels

Due ON September 2 - Quilts of Valor Blocks

Due BEFORE September 3 - Dahlias, Floral, Kit Crafts donated by the Junior Advisory Board

Due ON September 9 - Hay Producer, Largest Pumpkins

Due ON September 10 - Beer Bread

Please read the Exhibitor Guide carefully for further information on submitting your photograph or video (depending upon the category).  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Fair Office at 509.477.2772.
Livestock Exhibitors: Entry fees must accompany your entry form in order to be accepted.