Substance Use Prevention

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Substance Use Prevention

Prevention services are modeled after the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiatives adopted by the Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery in Washington state. Local community coalitions work together to:

  • Influence community environmental changes to reduce substance abuse.
  • Increase public awareness of the harmful effects substance use has on youth.
  • Build collaborations among community groups, schools, faith-based organizations, and programs that serve youth and families.
Free Parenting Classes
Strengthening Families is a six week program for parents and youth ages 10-14. It is specifically designed for families in transition from the grade school years to Junior High. This is a critical time for kids who are making choices that will affect their physical and emotional health in the future. Parents are the strongest influence in a child's life and have the ability to put protective factors in place for their children. In the first hour, parents and youth have separate classes with experienced and qualified staff facilitators. In the second hour, parents and youth are together working on family bonding activities. This is a very interactive and fast moving curriculum. Topics include:

Adult Classes                                      
Practicing Love and Limits                     
Making House Rules                              
Encouraging Good Behavior                  
Using Consequences                             
Building Bridges                                     
Protecting against Substance Use         
Youth Classes
Having Goals and Dreams
Appreciating Parents
Dealing with Stress
Following Rules
Dealing with Peer Pressure
Identifying Good Friendships

 Guiding Good Choices is a five week program primarily for parents. It is especially helpful for parents with kids entering their teen years. Parents will learn how to improve bonding and communication, increase protective factors to promote resiliency in their child and make family management easier. Topics include:

Protecting against Negative Influences
Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards
Standing up to Peer Pressure
Communicating with your Teen
Strengthening Family Bonds

There is no cost to families attending these programs. Both classes are taught in the evening and include a light supper and childcare, if necessary, for parents to attend. Call Becky Swan at 509-477-4540 or email at [email protected] to register for a class.

West Central Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI)

The West Central Community Coalition has been meeting since 2012 to assess the needs and develop a strategic plan for prevention services in the community. This is a large community, bordered by the Spokane River on the south and west, Wellesley Avenue to the north, and Division Street to the east. The mission of this coalition is to promote community health and wellness, to include prevention and reduction of underage alcohol consumption and illicit drug use, by addressing risk and protective factors for such behaviors, and providing opportunity for positive community involvement.

East Valley Community Coalition

The East Valley Community Coalition was formed in 2013 and is assessing needs for prevention services in the East Valley School District area. It is bordered by the Idaho state line to the east, Mead School District to the north, West Valley School District to the west, and the Spokane River to the south. Their mission is to empower the community through education and substance abuse prevention to promote safe and healthy individuals in all families and neighborhoods.