Water Conservancy Board


  • 4pm on the 4th Monday of each month
  • Spokane County Water Resource Center
    1004 N Freya Street
    Spokane, WA  99202
Announcement Until Positions Filled:  The Spokane County Water Conservancy Board has two (2) positions it is filling. Individuals who hold a water right OR own and operate an exempt well are encouraged to apply. If interested, please review the Question & Answer link on the right side of this page.  Go to How to Apply for application and instructions.

Current Members

  • Craig Schwyn
  • Tony Kiepe
  • Diana Wilhite
  • Kelly Williquette


In 1997 the Legislature authorized creation of water conservancy boards under Chapter 90.80 RCW (Water Conservancy Boards) to enable the processing of water-right transfer and change applications at the local level. This legislation allows counties to establish water conservancy boards as independent units of local government through resolution of the county or counties that it serves and approval by the Department of Ecology. All water conservancy board decisions are ultimately reviewed and affirmed, reversed, or modified by Ecology.

The Spokane County Water Conservancy Board consists of 5 commissioners. All board commissioners must receive training from the Department of Ecology before participating in any decision on a water-right transfer application. A water conservancy board can serve a single watershed, multiple watersheds, a county, or multiple counties. There are currently 17 water conservancy boards operating in Washington.